Expect These Facilities From A Good Hotel By The Lake


A good hotel by the lake provides its guests grand facilities and services. The hospitality that they offer is so extraordinary that the customers cannot stop themselves from feeling delighted. Since their hospitality is mainly based on the traditional Nepalese culture, visitors are treated like gods there. If you have never been to one of such hotels, then you must be wondering how it is like to stay there. They try their every best to make sure that your stay in the hotel is pleasant and relaxing. Here are the main facilities you should expect from a good hotel in Pokhara:

Be served with transportation services

A well-rated hotel by the lake takes care of your transportation needs, not just your room stay needs. You can expect them to offer a free airport pick-up service once you reach Kathmandu and a free airport drop service back to the airport when you are about to leave. In order to make sure that your traveling inside Pokhara city is convenient during your stay in the city, they can also arrange bicycles, motorbikes or cabs as per your need.

Get a comfortable room

To get a comfortable room means being able to enjoy all the needed facilities easily at the comfort of the room. If you find your best hotel by the lake in Pokhara, you will find that its rooms are well furnished with attached bathrooms with 24/7 hot and cold shower service. If not all of them, most of the hotels also possess air conditioners.  Feel yourself cherished and happy in the room decorated with beautiful carpets on the wall and floor. You might want to watch some news or programs as you relax in the room. A television with multi-channel will be there to assist your need.

Take advantage of security services

Taking care of your belongings is the most important during your trip. But do not worry when you are in a hotel by the lake in Pokhara. The hotel will ensure peace of your mind by providing you locker facilities and luggage storage spaces. If you have a vehicle, you can safely keep it safe in the parking area.

Enjoy good food and ambiance

The hotels in Pokhara have great cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy varieties of delicious food and drinks. Feel delighted with the wonderful and responsive staffs that are every ready to kindly assist you. Whether you need someone to pick you up from the airport or call up a doctor or a laundry service, feel free to ask the ever-ready staffs’ help.

These are the main facilities you can get during your stay at a hotel by the lake in Pokhara. You can get many other facilities. Most of them surely give you a great opportunity to take a nice view of the entire Pokhara valley from the rooftops. Feel relaxed once you arrive at Kathmandu because your hotel will take care of your every need.

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